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High Quality CBD Oil (Less than 0.2% THC)

Get Hemp supply a wide range of natural, high-quality CBD oils including products suitable for beginners who have never tried CBD before and those who are experienced and may take CBD regularly. CBD or cannabidiol oil is a naturally-occurring chemical that can be found and extracted from industrial hemp plants, and is not to be confused with nor is it the same as THC (also known as 'tetrahydrocannabinol') or cannabis plants. THC is the psychoactive chemical responsible for creating the high often associated with cannabis. We ensure that we only source the highest quality hemp products, all of which are grown carefully under government licences in Italy and Switzerland. Our CBD products have been lab-tested and were found to contain less than 0.2% THC as is required by UK law.

To start experiencing the benefits of CBD oil on your health and wellness, choose your perfect product from our range.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil (also known as hemp oil or hemp CBD) is a product derived from the female cannabis plant or hemp plants. It's naturally present in marijuana plants along with THC and a variety of different cannabinoids. CBD is non-psychoactive and so isn't responsible for creating the 'high' people associate with marijuana and instead combats the psychoactive side effects of THC. CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the plant and combining it with a carrier oil, such as hemp oil or olive oil. The most common CBD extraction method is CO2 extraction, this process allows for CBD to be completely separated from all the other ingredients and cannabinoids found in cannabis for a pure CBD product or CBD can be extracted along with all the other terpenes in the cannabis plant to create a full-spectrum product.

If you'd like to look at CBD in a little more detail, you can take a look at our "What is CBD?" post.

How Do I Take CBD Oil?

One of the most common ways people consume CBD oil is by simply placing CBD oil drops under their tongue (known as 'sublingually'). However, for some people, taking CBD oil sublingually can be difficult and they prefer different application methods. Luckily there are many other ways for people to consume and administer CBD oil, such as topical ointments that can be applied to the area of the body the consumer wishes to focus on such as an area. CBD oil is also available in the following forms; CBD tinctures, food supplements and even as gummies which can all be consumed orally.

What Is CBD Oil Used For?

People across the world use CBD oil for a wide range, with many of these people believing CBD to provide potential health benefits, while others use CBD as a dietary supplement. Medical research into the exact benefits and side effects of CBD are currently limited and inconclusive, however, a quick search online and you will find many people who have consumed CBD oil and swear that it's helped them.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

There is no right or wrong amount when it comes to CBD oil as everyone can have a different experience dependant on various different factors such as body weight and your own individual body chemistry. It's also important to consider what you're using the CBD oil for. It's also important to ensure you wait for the effects to kick in as they can take varying amounts of time dependant on how you consumed the CBD oil. We recommend taking roughly 20 drops (one dropper) under the tongue, this equates to roughly 33.2mg of CBD.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

Since CBD and THC can both come from the same Cannabis Sativa plant, many people often get the two mixed up and start to worry that CBD will stay in their system for a prolonged period of time and even potentially show up on a drugs test. It's important to remember, CBD and THC are completely different from one another. CBD does NOT cause the "high" associated with cannabis, this "high" is one of the psychoactive effects of THC. Currently, it's hard to say exactly how long CBD will stay in your system as there are limited studies regarding CBD available at this time. Based on the studies that are currently available, CBD could stay in your system from between 1-25 days depending on personal factors like weight, metabolism and more.

Will CBD Show Up in a Drug Test?

Once again, thanks to the confusion surrounding CBD, people often believe that it'll show up on a drugs test and become worried that they may be accused of using illegal drugs. If you use CBD oil, it shouldn't show up on a drugs test as these tests are testing for THC and its metabolites. If you're consuming legal CBD oil, it will not contain any more than 0.2% THC as is required by law, meaning that there is very little chance for this to show up on a drugs test.

Will CBD Oil Make me 'High'?

This is a common question and the short answer is No, CBD won't get you 'high'. While CBD and THC both come from the cannabis plant, the way they act within your body is very different. THC is responsible for causing the 'high' associated with cannabis because it's a psychoactive ingredient, while CBD is non-psychoactive. CBD can actually help to reduce the effects and 'high' of THC.

When Should I Take CBD Oil?

Many people consume CBD as a dietary supplement and often question whether or not using CBD at a certain time of day can change the effects felt. With little to no research into CBD and its effects, it's hard to say when the best time of the day to consume CBD oil is. It also depends on why you're taking CBD oil.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Me to Take?

CBD oil is generally safe for consumption but there may be some risks and side effects. If you're currently taking medication, you should always consult your doctor before taking CBD oil, as it can change the way your body processes certain medications. If you are pregnant or lactating you should avoid CBD oil unless you've spoken to your doctor.

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