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How Long Does It Take for CBD Oil to Work?

How Long Does It Take for CBD Oil to Work?


CBD (cannabidiol) has been on the verge for the last few years. Individuals who were previously refraining from cannabis-derived products now embrace them for a wide array of potential benefits.


However, with the increasing interest in CBD-derived products, the question and concerns of people are also increasing. One of the primary questions that people ask is how long does it take for CBD to work? 


Though this question might seem straightforward, the answer is not that simple; several factors contribute to its working. Here we will be addressing this question so that you can get an idea of how long CBD will take to work for you.


How does CBD Works?

The two essential cannabinoids of cannabis are CBD and THC. Both CBD and THC have therapeutic properties. However, the only difference is that THC is a psychoactive compound while CBD does not have such properties.


And for that reason, the primary source of CBD is the hemp plant, while THC is found in large quantities in marijuana plants. Simply put, you can cherish the health benefits of CBD despite getting high or euphoric.


Now the question is, how does it work within the body? Your body has a naturally existing cell signalling system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This ECS is mainly responsible for maintaining the equilibrium of the body's internal functions.


The three working components of the ECS are:

  • Endocannabinoids, the chemicals produced within the body.
  • Receptors, the cell signalling system activated by the endocannabinoids to perform a specific function in the body.
  • Enzymes, which disintegrate the endocannabinoids when they are done functioning.


Upon consumption, the cannabinoids activate the receptors just as the endogenously producing chemicals (endocannabinoids). So when you consume CBD, it activates the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body, which prompts the body to perform a specific function.


For example, if you take CBD oil for easing pain, it will activate the receptors to produce neurotransmitter anandamide that can comfort the pain in the body.


Factors that Contribute to CBD Working

CBD can bring a lot of health benefits, but how long does it take to yield the benefits depends on some factors that are:


Factor 1: Your Way of CBD Consumption


Swallowing CBD:

The CBD is available in various edible forms, such as gummies, candies, chocolate, isolates, etc. However, the most sought-after CBD product is CBD oil. Regardless of the CBD product you ingest, it will first get into the liver, where CBD will be broken down to enter the bloodstream.


During the breakdown process, CBD might lose its potency a little.  Moreover, metabolization of CBD will take some time to enter the bloodstream, so you are likely to feel its effects after 90 minutes of ingesting.


However, when you take CBD on an empty stomach, it will have a faster impact. After 30 minutes of ingesting CBD on an empty stomach, you may feel its effects. If you take CBD with meals, particularly a big meal, it might take up to two hours to notice any effects. Though swallowing CBD takes the longest to act, its effects are more enduring.


Applying Topically:

Many CBD enthusiasts are turning their heads to CBD creams and lotions as several CBD manufacturers launch them. CBD cannot penetrate through the skin’s water barrier to enter the bloodstream; however, it does induce a localized effect when applied to the skin. 


It is received by the skin pores and interacts with the CB2 receptors present in the skin, relieving pain from the aching part of the body.


Transdermal Application:

Because the topical application of CBD is not that effective, the CBD manufacturer has introduced an advanced level of topical application in the form of transdermal patches. 

The transdermal patch takes less than an hour to act; however, it can linger in your system for more than 96 hours.


Consuming Sublingulay:

You can also administer CBD oil sublingually. CBD tinctures, sprays, and pills are among the CBD products available for sublingual absorption. It is the most efficient way to take CBD because it skips the digesting phase. You can experience the CBD effects after 15-60 minutes of sublingual application.


CBD Vape:

Another popular way of consuming CBD is vaping. The vaping method requisites the vape pen or cartridge to breathe in CBD directly to the lungs. It is the most efficient and fastest way to feel the effects of CBD since it only takes a few minutes to work.


Factor 2: Individual Biological Factors

Depending on these biological factors of individuals, the CBD effects vary as well.


Body Mass:

Because higher body mass indicates more CBD chemicals hiding in fat cells, your body mass has a big impact on the advantages you get from CBD. Nevertheless, such a hideaway suggests that you will be able to enjoy the CBD benefits for a long time.


Metabolic Rate:

The rapid effects of CBD are related to metabolism. Simply put, people with a quick metabolism are more likely to experience CBD effects immediately than those with a slower metabolism.


Factor 3: The Quantity of CBD

The potency and quantity of CBD also impact the time it takes for CBD to take effect.


Frequency of CBD Dose

If you consume CBD daily, you might feel its effects quicker than those who take it for the first time. Simply put, the more CBD you take, the quicker effects it will yield.


Quantity of CBD Dose

The higher or lower CBD dose can also change the time it takes to effect. For instance, if you consume a higher dosage of CBD for sleep support, you can feel drowsy in about 30 minutes. On the other hand, if you consume smaller doses of CBD for general well-being or ordinary body discomforts, it might take some days for CBD to yield noticeable results.


The Takeaway—How Long Does it Take for CBD Oil to Work?

CBD is one of the amazing gifts of nature for your well-being. However, its working can vary with different factors such as consumption, dosage, and frequency.


It is worth noting that if you are planning to consume CBD just now, start with a low dosage that you can increase gradually. Once you feel its effects, you can always increase the dose and frequency since it is a completely harmless cannabinoid, even in higher doses.


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