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Can You Get Addicted to CBD Flower?

Can You Get Addicted to CBD Flower?

As the cannabis market starts to settle down legally, people are increasingly interested in hemp-derived products and the plant itself. As a result, now we see that markets are bursting from hemp-derived products. The most sought-after product is CBD flower, which yields many benefits without any harmful effects among hemp enthusiasts.


Even though CBD flower is safe to use even in high doses, people still have concerns about its long term use. The reason might be its psychoactive cousin THC which does provide  euphoric effects.


If you plan to incorporate CBD flowers into your daily routine, you might wonder, is it possible to get addicted to CBD flowers? So here we are addressing this most common concern of potential CBD users just like you.


What is a CBD Flower?

Because hemp is high in Cannabidiol (CBD), it is the major supplier of CBD, whereas Marijuana is high in THC, the intoxicating component of cannabis. As follows, CBD flower is the hemp plant's flowers and buds that is high in CBD and includes a trace amount of THC.


Hemp Flower and CBD Flower

It is important to take into account that hemp flowers and CBD flowers are not identical. CBD flower is distinct from hemp flower since it is intentionally developed and produced to contain high levels of the cannabinoid, distinguishing it from its more basic precursor. In contrast, the hemp plant can also contain other cannabinoids like THC as well.


Is CBD Flower Addicting? What does the Research Say?

CBD is potencially safe to consume by any means since it does not produce intoxicating effects as that of neighbouring cannabinoid like THC. However, the studies on cannabinoids are still in the preliminary stages, meaning we have to hold on until some clear evidence.


A study in 2016 revealed that CBD did not bring addiction or intoxicating effects as THC. The researchers noticed that active THC induced significant bodily and mental effects such as increased heart pulse and mental intoxication; however, CBD had no impact on heart pulse, hypertension, or cognitive performance. Moreover, the control groups also felt sedated from THC while CBD brought no intoxication to them.




You might be surprised to know that while CBD is not habit-forming and helps you retreat from other drug addictions.


In 2015 researchers of the University of Montréal, in Canada, investigated CBD for its effects on drug addictions. They revealed that CBD could be helpful to treat nicotine and marijuana addiction.

Moreover, some recent preliminary studies suggested that CBD can reduce the risk of getting cocaine and meth addictions. It can also be an aid in the prevention of recurrence following a phase of rehabbing and recovery.


However, this claim needs more detailed research to confirm its rehabilitation benefits.

Simply put, the CBD itself does not have intoxicating and addictive effects. However, other cannabinoids that might be present in CBD products might make some people addicted to them.


CBD flower does contain little or no psychoactive cannabinoid THC, so chances are you are not prone to develop addiction with constant use. Still, the researchers are trying to find the long-term effects of CBD use.


Can you Get Addicted to Hemp Flower?

Like said earlier, hemp flowers and CBD flowers are not the same. CBD flower is a type of hemp plant that is specifically bred to contain higher level of CBD. So hemp plants overall have a good profile of other cannabinoids. Still, THC is present in fewer amounts in the hemp plant than Marijuana.


Now the concern is while hemp flowers contain other cannabinoids, can they also lead you to addiction? No, consuming hemp flowers would not lead to CBD or other substance addiction.


Since CBD does not produce physical dependence as other drugs do, consuming hemp flower will not lead your body to become hooked to it. Moreover, if you consume a hemp flower that comes with a low profile of CBD, you will not even interact with CBD, making your body dependent on it.


Does CBD Flower Have Other Side Effects and Risks?

The good news is that CBD is not addictive at all, but the bad news is that it might have other side effects. However, do not refrain from CBD flowers just now because these side effects are not adverse.


If you consume CBD flowers in moderate doses, you are good with it; however, excessive or inappropriate usage might have unpleasant consequences.

Because there are so many different methods to consume CBD, the side effects can be variable. Although the ingredients are theoretically the same, people who use two different CBD products possibly will have very different experiences.


For example, if you go for smoking CBD flower and another person opts for CBD oil infusion to food, you will both have varying effects. The same rule applies to two individuals who appear to be consuming the same quantity of CBD flowers, and both have different side effects.


It is best to get medical advice before commencing any CBD treatment since the adverse affects you may experience will be dependent on your medical records or existing medicines.


Note that research on CBD side effects is in its early stages; however, some of the known side effects of CBD are:

  • Fatigue
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Liver damage
  • Infertility issues
  • Conflicts with prescribed medicines, alcohol, and other illegal substances
  • Vomiting (rarely happens to first time CBD flower users)


However, side effects of CBD is not what you need to worry about. Like any other supplement or ingredient use has to be well-balanced to achieve the best wanted results.


Conclusion - Is CBD Flower Addicting?

CBD flower is indeed not addictive and intoxicating. Since CBD itself is not an intoxicating chemical, consuming CBD flowers on a routine basis will not induce physical or mental dependency, so you may use it every day if you want.


While several CBD products are available, the best is to consume the natural CBD source that is CBD flower. It is free from toxic cannabinoids and additives, so you can get maximum health benefits without getting addicted to it. 


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