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"Strawberry" Hemp Flowers (CBD 20% MAX)

by Gethemp
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Very high presence of CBD which stands at 20%, while THC does not exceed 0.2%. Strawberry CBD Flower indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain Strawberry produces buds that are small and shaped like strawberry, being dense and covered with resin. Its scent and flavor are reminiscent of both strawberries and Berry.

This is one of our new CBD flowers.
Flavours: Strawberry, Berry, Sweet,
Trim: Sticky, firm, dense, sparkling with trichomes.   
Effect: Happy, Creative, Uplifting.

These CBD flowers are hemp derived, non-psychotoxic, THC-free* EIHA EU certified strains. 

Hemp is not marijuana.

All our hemp products are grown under government licenses in Italy and Switzerland. 

Our hemp flower souvenirs are named after popular cannabis strains with similar terpene profiles. They are not related to the THC strains, all our hemp flowers come from carefully grown Carmagnola industrial hemp.

All our flowers are processed by a machine "chopper" to break them into smaller pieces. 

Our processed industrial hemp souvenirs are not sold to be ingested.


*under 0.2% THC

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