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"CBG" Hemp Flowers (CBG 20% Max)

About "CBG" Hemp Flower CBG hemp flower is a CBG rich hemp flower strain with beautiful buds tha...

About "CBG" Hemp Flower

CBG hemp flower is a CBG rich hemp flower strain with beautiful buds that shine in frosty white trichomes. It’s a Sativa strain that works perfectly for both day and nighttime activities. These buds give you a sense of focus, clarity and calm without putting you to sleep. It’s also a great strain for mixing with other buds to create a unique and smooth effect. Our CBG hemp flower contains a great level of CBG at around 20% while containing a THC content below 0.2% as is required by law.


CBG hemp flower produces an creamy and sweetness, both of which will be noticed when you consume it.


Parent Strain 1: CBG

Product: CBG


When trimmed our CBG hemp flower is firm and dense, while sticky and often sparkling with trichomes. All of our flowers are processed by a machine "chopper" in order to break them down into smaller pieces for ease.

Effects (Based on Online Reviews)

Feelings: Focus, Clarity, Calm

All of our CBD flowers are hemp-derived, non-psychotoxic, THC-free* & EIHA EU certified strains. Hemp is not marijuana and will not produce the "high" often associated with cannabis. These CBD hemp flower souvenirs are all named after popular cannabis strains with similar terpene profiles, however, do not contain THC and are not related to the THC strains they're named after. All of our hemp flowers come from carefully grown Carmagnola industrial hemp.

All our hemp products are grown under government licenses in Italy and Switzerland.

*Under 0.2% THC as required by law.

CBG hemp flower
CBG hemp flower

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