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Free delivery when you spend £50+

CBD Cartridge 500mg OG Kush

by Gethemp

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You can find CBD vape oil cartridges in a variety of flavours that all deliver unique and very delicious taste and feeling. Herby, citrusy, juicy - our CBD vape cartridges flavours are up to your choice for your good day.


OG Kush (calm):  A strain with a characteristic of earthy, pine, woody aroma, is well-known for its relaxing, euphoric, and calming effects. 


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Why to choose CBD cartridges?

When you need a hit of calmness and you want to feel the effects quickly, Gethemp CBD vape cartridges is your perfect start. Combining the benefits of CBD that everyone loves and the fast-acting method of vaping, that can be your best discovered solution of wellbeing.

TAKE A DEEP BREATH, with botanicals expertly formulated CBD vape liquid, every breath you take balances your body and mind - so that you can recover faster and push yourself even further. 


Gethemp CBD vape oil cartridges contain only organic hemp-derived full-Spectrum CO2 extracted CBD distillate, which is enhanced with natural terpene blends. Our CBD vape contains less that 0.2% THC and is laboratory tested for bespoke quality and purity. 

Benefits of Using CBD Vape Cartridges:

Fast-Acting CBD Intake. Did you know that your lungs are the most effective organ to touch with surroundings and therefore, vaping CBD pre-filled cartridge is the most effective way to get your daily CBD intake? When you ingest orally, the amount of CBD that reaches your bloodstream is only around 15 percent. However, when you are vaping or smoking CBD, nearly 50 to 60 percent of the compound enters your blood circulation. When vaporised, CBD enters your lungs and circulates directly through your entire bloodstream, surpassing the digestive system.

Incredible terpenes. All our CBD vape cartridges are made with certified pure terpene, the combination of which creates a precision of botanical profiles. They are secreted from the exact same glands in the plant that generate CBD itself. Terpene profiles combined with pure CBD can give you the “entourage effect” experience. As well as delivering the powerful scent and flavour, terpenes also have therapeutic properties for human body that can aid in the medical benefits of cannabis. Terpenes work with our body by binding to the receptors in our brain, in the same way that CBD does. They interact with our endocannabinoid system and help the CBD and hundreds of other compounds, to enter our bloodstream (read more).

Compatible with most vape pens. Our CBD vape cartridges are suitable for standard 510 thread vape pen, so they will work with almost any vape pen you choose to use. 


1. 1 ML 510 thread CCell glass cartridge pre-filled with CBD and TEC-Temper. The Gethemp 500mg vape cartridges use the superior Cell ceramic winkles cartridge design to bring you the smoothest vaping experience.

2. Popular terpene strain profiles (natural plant-based terpenes).

3. <0.2 % THC. Gethemp CBD extracts measure at below 0.2% THC, which is the limit for legal industrial hemp products.

4. No VG, MCT or Vitamin E Acetate.

Important note: CBD cartridges are not reusable. 

How to use it: 

Our Gethemp CBD vape cartridges offer a balance for all your mind and body needs. All you have to do is faster a cartridge into a suitable 510 battery. Once the cartridge is properly screwed onto the battery, place the tip of the vape into your mouth and gently inhale. We typically recommend about 20 draws daily to get your recommended daily amount.  Use low voltage and do not heat above 400 degrees. Make sure to store away from light and excessive heat. 

INGREDIENTS: Full spectrum CO2 extracted distillate, Food Grade Terpene Blend, Medical Grade PG.

LAB REPORTS: Prior to sale, all Gethemp products are carefully tested in certified laboratories. This is to ensure that quality of the product is excellent and safe to use for our customers. Gethemp is using the best and most advanced technologies for CBD extraction. We do not add any extras that are not essential.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Must be 18 or older to use our products.