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Anxiety is a common cause of different ailments like Insomnia, and depression. In the USA alone, 40 million adults are suffering from it, which is around 18% of the entire population of the whole country. This is a lot because even this much of the affected population is not a good thing. With anxiety affecting people all over the world, there are things that you should know about them. So, before we go all into answering the question: Can CBD oil for anxiety helps us, we have to know about them separately, first.


Our brain has a fear and fight response whenever it thinks it is in danger. From an evolutionary point of view, this is an excellent thing to have. How else we are going to tell if we are in danger or not. As a way of doing this,

our brains cut some of the production of neurotransmitters called serotonin. This way our minds find out we are in danger or not. Sometimes though, we can get stuck in these hormonal triggers when our brain unintentionally thinks something is wrong, even though it might not be.

This is what happens when we are stressing over something, and as a result, our brains become hardwired to think like that. Stressing over something can lead us to have anxiety over it.

Disorders like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, were generalized and identified as anxiety disorders. Manic, Social-Anxiety, and Panic disorders are still considered part of generalized anxiety disorders. Keeping this in mind one should think there should be a universal medicine to all of these problems. There is one alternative that can take up that role, flawlessly. It is what we talk about in the next section. This will help us answer the question: Can CBD oil for anxiety helps us?


CBD is short for the scientific word named cannabidiol. It is a chemical compound belonging to a group of chemicals called the cannabinoids. The cannabinoids can be found in many different species of the plant called cannabis. CBD has many therapeutic qualities and is especially popular for calming the effects of anxiety, which it can have on our bodies.

Additionally, it is not psychoactive even though it belongs to cannabis. This means that it cannot make you high, even though it comes from different plant species of the cannabis plant.  It is THC (also called Tetrahydrocannabinol and is also a cannabinoid) that does this. They both can be found in the same plant and different ones. Whichever one has the highest concentration, has the most significant effects on the user. Different plant species of the cannabis plant can have different concentration of these chemicals. The hemp plant has more concentration of CBD, and marijuana has more concentration of CBD. This explanation will help us answer the question: Can CBD oil for anxiety helps us?

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In a word, Yes! But to accurately to find about and to make you understand we need to get into the scientific background of it. This section will help us answer the question: Can CBD oil for anxiety helps us? As mentioned earlier, we all know that CBD is a non-psychoactive drug that can be used to truncate the effects of anxiety problems. This has put CBD in a spotlight, essentially bringing it fame for its therapeutic effects.

So, how it does it what it does. We find out next. Original empirical research is rather low this kind of subject matter, but a lot of anecdotal evidence is available for this subject. The variables involved are CBD and anxiety, and the outcomes are based on the reduction of anxiety effects CBD can provide.

A cross-sectional study was done in 2018 surveyed different CBD users for the reasons they are using it. The researchers found it the anxiety was one of the top three reasons people used this kind of alternative drug or medicine. The other reasons are depression and pain, which are also closely related, scientifically speaking.


As mentioned before, research is still in its infant stage; there is not a lot of empirical evidence to suggest what we are going to say now. But again as mentioned before, anecdotal evidence is still there that indicates that CBD can minimize the effects of the anxiety and depression. The stress hormone plays a significant role in inducing anxiety. It is also used to regulate other different emotions. The process that we are going to describe in the next couple of sentences works the SSRIs (serotonin reuptake inhibitors) similarly. SSRIs are the medicines that take care of your anxiety and depression problems.

They primarily inhibit the process that stops the production of serotonin. As the absence of this neurotransmitter can lead to depression and anxiety, SSRIs inhibiting the inhibition processes of it help modulate the serotonin to help with the mood and anxiety. In this same way, CBD can also help turn on the production of serotonin by assisting in its productions just like SSRIs do. The SSRI’s and CBD do this by targeting 5-HT1A receptors of serotonin. This receptor releases essentially more serotonin, and therefore help regulates the brain towards a better mood, thus, reducing anxiety and depression. Hopefully, this will help us answer the question: Can CBD oil for anxiety help us?


Hopefully, this will also help us answer and understand the question: Can CBD oil for anxiety help usAs mentioned before most of the literature is instead not focusing on this kind of subject matter. But do not worry, as there is some literature which indeed focuses on this kind of subject. There is a 2019 study that directly studied the CBD’s effects on 5-HT1A receptors of the rat. The found out that this receptors transmission increased as a result of using and ingesting CBD. This, in turn, increased the serotonin production in the brain thus bringing their spiking anxiety levels on a downward trajectory, which means down. Therefore this reduced their “anxiety-like behavior.”

Phobias which much like anxiety stems from the typical absence of serotonin were found to be significantly decreased by the use of CBD in many people who used it. This happened in the study that was done in 2011, where the researchers found out how CBD can reduce public speaking and stage fright phobias. Similarly, review analysis of the 43 different studies done CBD found out that CBD is an excellent form of medicine that can help combat the effects of generalized anxiety, PTSD and panic disorders. All of these are related to anxiety ailments. Hopefully, this will help us answer the question: Can CBD oil for anxiety really help us?


This will depend on the method of intake which should be CBD oil (for reasons that we tell later in the section), and for the CBD oil dosage for anxiety. This will show how to use CBD oil for anxiety. We say that CBD oil should be used because this is the easiest way to use CBD and also the most non-invasive ones. Other methods can less be absorbing for the CBD, or harmful overtime like vaping (due to vapers, not CBD), and maybe even both. This is why CBD oil is best to use in case you want to use, and want to have the most direct absorption of CBD in a non-harmful way.

Additionally, one should note about CBD is that even though it is not harmful, one should always consult with a doctor on its usage. He or she may also help with the dosage of CBD as many doctors can happily prescribe this medicine to their many patients, especially after seeing its excellent result in different studies done on CBD. There may be few of these studies, but they are enough to change the doctor’s perspective. One of the few known side effects of CBD oil is that it can negatively interact with anti-seizure drugs and blood thinners.


Many will say that CBD tincture is high absorbing so why no try it. There are a few of the reservation that essentially stops us from recommending that. It is because tincture at the surface may not look harmful but mostly can be in many different ways if one is not looking. A Tincture is something that is mixed with solvents like alcohol or ethanol, to absorb the plant source like CBD. Both can be equally dangerous. If one is not looking alcohol can be highly addictive and is also flammable.

Ethanol can also be flammable. They can become highly toxic if heated to a certain level of temperature. Yes, that is right. Many people can use tincture as a mixture in many of their liquids or food that may be heated. This is because tincture itself is a liquid mixed with solvents and a plant source like CBD. This can be very harmful for the user.

CBD oil, on the other hand, can be used as cooking oil as many times it is mostly made from olive oil, which is used for cooking. It is not that flammable and does not become toxic when heated. Additionally, it also has high bioavailability, which means it can be absorbed in a quick and fast manner. This tells us how to use CBD oil for anxiety, and hopefully, this does help us answer the question: Can CBD oil for anxiety really helps us?


There are no official guidelines of CBD for any method of intaking it. This leads to a lot of times doing a lot of guessing and accidentally coming on the correct dosage of CBD. This can only be done through trial and error method of testing each dosage to find which one is the correctly optimized one for somebody.

The dosage has to be different as almost for every medicine; the dosage depends on the size and age of the user to be. Taking the wrong dose too many times can be harmful. This is not the case with CBD as on CBD you cannot overdose. The correct CBD oil dosage for anxiety will be the one that mainly works for you


This depends on the brand that is willing to take for you. We essentially do that. If you don’t believe that you can see our result third-party testing and find out how well we do. There is solvent or additive like vegetable glycerin is not seen any of our CBD products. What’s more is that our products are infused with 100% CBD, at the most 0.3 percent of THC, which is the legal limit and does not make you high. We hope to see you soon to have a relationship with us.


Hopefully, this does help us answer the question: Can CBD oil for anxiety really helps usAnd of course, this is the end of the line here, but before we go out, we got some words to say to our precious readers. Now you know what can help you deal with anxiety. The best method to use it is CBD oil, as the absorption will be high, and there is nothing harmful about it. We also talked to about the ideal dosage and how you can find about it. Additionally, we told what kind of CBD products to buy, and we hope you kind of absorbed all of this information.

Are you concerned about if CBD stays on your system? Fear not! Read our article to learn everything you need to!

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