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How to store CBD flowers

How To Store CBD Flowers | 3 Ways To Keep Them Fresh

Hi there, CBD enthusiasts! We hope all is well with you and that you're prepared for an enjoyable exploration of the world of CBD flower. Let's dive into the proper storage of your flowers, keeping them fresh and of the highest calibre. 


Tips On How To Properly Store Cannabis Flowers

When preserving CBD flowers, three crucial aspects need to be taken into account: humidity, airflow, and light.

The flower should have a humidity level between 54 to 63% to prevent drying out too much, losing some of its flavours, and eventually growing mould.

We have to understand that oxygen in the air is essential for this plant. But when the buds are dry, they can start to deteriorate and are more vulnerable to excessive oxygen exposure.

As for light, cannabinoids—especially CBD—are severely harmed by the sun's rays. As a result, we ought to shield it from direct exposure to the sun.

Temperature is a fourth component that needs to be taken into account when keeping CBD flower, even though we have already covered the first three.

If the air is damp, temperatures above 25°C might lead to the growth of mould. However, in an area with dry temperatures, the flower might potentially dry up too soon, which will negatively impact its terpenes. Thus, it is advised to maintain the CBD flower's temperature between 15 and 21°C.

Let's now look at each method for storing CBD flowers.

3 Ways To Keep Your CBD Flowers Fresh

In Vacuum Sealed Bags

Vacuum bags and plastic boxes require the same storage conditions that glass containers do, and we need to adhere to the same guidelines. They ought to be kept in dark, chilly environments.

In this instance, it is important to keep in mind that we will need to release the air each time we open the bags, and that regular plastic bags or tupperware should never be used. The reason is that the buds may shatter because of the static energy in plastics.

In the Fridge

The flowers will be kept at the right temperature if the vacuum bags or jars are kept in the refrigerator. Despite differing views on the subject, it is not advised to store CBD in a freezer, particularly if it is not being utilised for storage alone.

In a jar

Flowers made with CBD should be kept in an airtight container or jar to ensure maximum preservation. By doing this, you may protect the buds from light, air, and moisture. Make sure to shut the jar, but not hermetically, for proper conservation. By doing this, you can let the dampness out while still making sure the flower gets enough air. Naturally, they should also be kept out of direct sunlight, so it's best to put them somewhere dark.

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