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Hemp CBD vs. Cannabis CBD

Hemp CBD vs. Cannabis CBD

As more people are getting acquainted with CBD, its demand also continues to grow. As a result, more and more companies are entering the CBD market. With such a prevailing number of CBD products, people often ask if CBD is sourced from a hemp plant or cannabis plant?

This question is not straightforward because CBD is derived from diverse varieties of cannabis Sativa plants. Although both hemp and Cannabis are the same plant species, they both have some significant differences.

This article will let you know about hemp-derived CBD and Cannabis-derived CBD and their differences, so read till the end.

A little About CBD

Cannabis contains more than 540 phytochemicals; however, the two primary compounds, CBD and THC, are highly sought for their therapeutic properties. THC is known for its psychoactive effects that often come with the cannabis plant; however, CBD is a noble compound that does not contain any toxic compounds.

The people's enthusiasm for CBD and its availability has expanded due to its prospective health advantages. CBD treats several physical and emotional conditions, such as inflammation, substance abuse, and pain.

While investigations have not proved CBD's effectiveness for such ailments, data show that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, a cell signaling system of the body, to improve internal functions.

THC also provides many benefits; however, it also disposes you to cognitive impairment or psychoactive effects.

The significant difference between Cannabis and hemp is their prevalence of CBD and THC. the Cannabis contains high amounts of THC while hemp contains more CBD and less THC.

What is Hemp? 

Hemp is a unique assortment of Cannabis Sativa plants. Hemp plants have a fair share in the history of plants. It was used for its benefits and for making ropes, tents, clothes, ship sails, food, and more. 

During World War II, there was even a whole campaign run for growing hemp for the cause of war.

In the past few years, hemp plant cultivation has boosted since people are more inclined to use CBD. As mentioned earlier, the hemp plant contains CBD in abundant amounts, making it best for sourcing CBD oils and extracts. Needless to say, it provides great benefits and that is something to consider.

This is How to Store Hemp Flowers to Keep the Benefits as Long as Possible

What is Cannabis? 

Cannabis plants are divided into three types:

  1. Indica
  2. Sativa
  3. Ruderalis

A variety of transgenic plants combining all three strains are also available. Marijuana plants or cannabis plants have far greater THC levels than hemp plants making you more vulnerable to psychoactive feelings upon consumption.

Not only more significant THC, but these plants also have less CBD than hemp plants. Moreover, such disparity of CBD and THC has been growing over time ever since.

A 2016 study showed that the typical potency of cannabis plants increased from roughly 4% in 1995 to 12% by the year 2014. Moreover, the CBD levels also dropped from 0.28% to less than 0.15 from 2001 to 2014.

Hemp CBD vs. Cannabis CBD

Cannabis and hemp plants house CBD, THC, and other 540 chemicals (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc.). Despite the chemical structures being the same, the difference is in their availability of the CBD and THC compounds.

Like said earlier, Cannabis has a higher THC content than CBD. Hemp has more CBD and much less THC than Cannabis. It is worth mentioning that the benefits and side effects of CBD remain the same regardless of the deriving source.

Note that CBD doe has some mild side effects like:

  • Fatigue
  • Agitation
  • Stomach distress
  • Not feeling the CBD effect
  • May alter the effect while interacting with other prescribed medication.

Even though the CBD effect remains the same, the amount of CBD present for separation significantly depends on the source plant. As hemp plants have less THC and a more significant amount of CBD, it becomes a more profitable option for CBD manufacturers.

On the other hand, cannabis contains more THC and less CBD, making the manufacturer vulnerable to legal penalties.

The Difference Between Legal Status of Hemp CBD and Cannabis CBD

A significant difference between hemp CBD and cannabis CBD is their regulations. CBD is allowed as long as sellers follow the MHRA standards, stipulating that CBD products must not include more than a specified amount of THC.

The quantity of THC in hemp extraction used for CBD oils in most places is capped at 0.3 percent (in the UK, it's 0.2 percent). Moreover, marijuana or cannabis plants are not allowed for CBD sourcing since they contain more than 0.2% THC.

The UK Law is a bit more strict than other countries as they also ask for using leaves, stem roots, and seeds of the hemp plant for CBD production, not flowers. If you do not know, hemp flowers have more CBD trichomes than any other part of hemp.


It is worth mentioning that the THC at such minimum levels does not produce psychoactive effects; however, some processed hemp CBD products, including tincture and gummies, can still induce bliss for some users.

The Takeaway—Hemp CBD vs. Cannabis CBD

CBD is creating a lot of buzz for its ability to help various physical issues, even though there is no research proof to back up these promises. Both Cannabis and hemp are two separate forms of the cannabis plant that contain the same chemical ingredients.

However, the difference is their availability of two primary compounds, THC and CBD. While hemp has more Cannabidiol and less Psychoactive THC, Cannabis boasts more THC and less cannabidiol profile.

According to law, hemp-derived CBD is allowed to buy, sell and use. Any cannabis or marijuana-derived product needs a prescription from a medical expert to buy.

CBD manufacturers widely cultivate hemp plants for sourcing CBD because they have significantly more CBD and nearly no THC.

If you plan to use CBD for physical or mental issues, talk to your doctor first to ensure it will not conflict with any prescriptions you are already taking.

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